Best premium brand car buys at the BBT showroom In Gurugram

If you want to improve your status among your peers, then the one thing that will help you a great deal in this effort is to buy a luxury saloon car and drive to your work in it. While there are a few saloon cars on the market, there is one that you can flaunt to show your success. This dreamy looking car is the sleek Jaguar XF.  It has everything going for it including an aerodynamically streamlined body and a slew of comfort features that puts it ahead of its competitors.

When you buy a used Jaguar XF at BBT, the first thing that will attract your attention is its beautifully designed headlamp cluster with powerful LED headlamps and DRLs. It also has a cute looking smiley designed engine grill on which you have the well-known logo of the company is engraved. Additionally, you will see two air sockets just below the headlamps that help to keep the brakes dry in the wet weather so that you can drive safely.  

The side profile of this beautifully designed car is also very eye-catching with beautifully carved alloy wheels, aerodynamically designed body lines, curvy corners, a dipping roofline, and tinted window glasses. All of these make it one of the most beautiful cars that you can see on the roads. Just like the front and the side profile, the back of this sporty look car is no less attractive with attractive LED tail light, chrome plated tailpipes and a sloping windshield. 

Just like its outstandingly designed exterior, the inside cabin furnishing of this premium saloon car is no less luxurious. The moment you put your feet inside its tastefully furnished cabin you will find the reason behind the popularity of a used Jaguar XF in BBT Gurugram. As a premium saloon car, the designers have pulled all stops to make it one of the most comfortable car to travel in. All the seats are ergonomically designed and are covered with premium leather and are heavily padded. They have used a combination of leather, wood, chrome and glass to give the interior of the car an up-market look. The leather you see on the seats is also used to cover the dashboard and the door sides.

Riding this beauty is a sheer pleasure where you can easily stretch your legs and there is no issue of your head touching the roof. Additionally, it also boasts of foot mats, power windows, powerful music system, climate controller, ambient lights and much more.

To power this amazingly designed car, Jaguar has blessed it with two petrol and two diesel engine variants. The top trim has a 5.0-litre petrol engine, whereas the base petrol model has to do with a 2.0-litre motor. If you want to go for the diesel model, then you can get it with a 2.2-litre All these power plants are attached to an advanced 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox.


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