Best premium brand car buys at the BBT showroom In Gurugram (Part-3)

With the high growth in India’s economy, the demand for luxury items has also shown a huge jump. Among several such high-priced goods, the one that has grown phenomenally is the sale of premium cars. And even in the sale of premium cars the one segment that has shown the maximum growth is the second hand car market for premium cars. Among many premium cars sold in the second hand car market, the demand for used Mercedes cars is the highest. We have tried to piece together the reason for such a high demand for cars of this brand here.

1). While India’s middle class is growing rapidly a vast segment of them are still not in the price bracket where they can buy a high priced car. To get over this difficulty of a limited budget, the second hand car market has opened a big door for them to enjoy riding on a premium car at a greatly discounted price. Additionally, with times, the shame attached to buying a second-hand car has also lessened to a great degree and people are now more inclined to the idea of purchasing a refurbished car for their personal use.

2). Another reason due to which the sales figures of premium cars like the used Mercedes cars are expanding at such an astonishing rate is the ownership time. Earlier, when people used to hold on to their cars for a pretty long time, but nowadays, they sell it only after driving it for a very short period of time. They want to enjoy driving in the latest model that is available on the market. This has created a huge market for the second-hand cars in India.

3). With the advent of the Internet and its rapid growth, the concept of online purchase of second hand cars has also come into the play.  Nowadays, people can look at all the models of second hand cars available in the market from the convenience of their home. Many of these online car companies offer some sort of warranty to make sure that the buyers do not hesitate to buy a pre-owned car online.

4). Thanks to the huge turnover of the second hand car market many big and highly reputable companies have entered this sector. This, in turn, has improved the market dynamics as well as the quality of service.

5). The increasing demand for pre-owned cars like a used Mercedes is also having a salutary effect on the supply of these cars as people can sell their used car at a good price so that they get to ride the latest models.

6). Lastly, companies have jacked up the prices of their newer models to an unprecedented level, forcing many a people to turn to the second-hand car market to buy the car they dream of at a much lower price.


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