Explore the world riding on a powerful and stylish car (Part-3)

Looking for elegance personified in a car, then go no further, the sleek looking Bentley Flying Spur is what dreams are made off. The artistically designed body with right curves makes this car one of the most stylish car design that the world has ever seen. The brand Bentley is associated with several cars that are considered as the most amazing combination of style, performance and elegance all rolled into one and its flagship Bentley Flying Spurs incorporates all of these and then some more in its design and features.
There are several reputable dealers who sell used Bentley Flying Spurs at a much-reduced rate than a brand-new model commands. People who want to buy this beauty are highly successful in their profession and are looking for a ride that will provide them with a wealth of features to drive like a king on to their workplace and back home.  Besides the comfort features, the Bentley Flying Spur is also purchased for its demonstrative effect on your friends, family and office colleagues. Riding this car signifies that you are living your dream and want the best for yourself and your family that money can buy. 

While the refined looks of this car make it a sure head turner on the roads, its interiors are no less luxuriant. When you ride on a used Bentley Flying Spurs, be prepared to feel pampered by a plethora of comfort elements to make your ride truly memorable. All the seats are designed with one thing in mind – riders comfort. And they did it right with superior design with good thigh support, headrests and heavily cushioned. All the seats have lumbar support and can be electrically controlled. In addition, these seats are ventilated and have heating, cooling and massaging features.
To make driving this big luxurious car effortless, Bentley has provided it with power steering and a big infotainment system that allow the driver to track and control several elements of this car through a simple touch. The dashboard is tastefully designed with glass and wood in which the glittering instrument panel is integrated in such a way that the driver can see the working of the car on a single glance. It has several rich comfort features like a climate controller with air filter, thick floor carpet and a superb music system.
If you are interested in this beauty, then you can own a used Bentley Flying Spurs in two different engine options. While one of the trim is powered by a 6 litres W12 twin-turbocharged engine the other is a highly efficient 4 litres V8 engine. Therefore, if you are interested in owning this luxurious upmarket car contact a reputable car dealer who has a well maintained used Bentley Flying Spur waiting for you.


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