Explore the world riding on a powerful and stylish car (Part-1)

If you are Looking for a really cool and powerful ride then what better brand than the Land Rover. This iconic brand has some of the best of the road rides in the market. The really amazing part of buying a Land Rover is that you get the opportunity to ride a fantastically powerful car that too in complete comfort. Land Rover has several models from which you can choose your pick. However, if you are looking for a wide-bodied SUV with muscular look and powerful engine, then we suggest that you look at the Land Rover Freelander. 

There are several second-hand car dealers from where you can buy well maintained used Land Rover Freelander. The first thing that will catch your eye when you look at this powerfully built car is its beautifully crafted chrome plated engine grill. This engine grill is flanked by two high intensity LED headlamps. Just above the engine grill, you will find the name Land Rover etched in chrome. From the side too, this fantastically designed car looks pretty powerful. The bulging wheel arches and big alloy wheels give the impression of power hidden beneath its cool looks.
When you buy a used Land Rover Freelander, make sure to look at all the elements of the passenger cabin to see whether they are working perfectly or not. This car is brought as much for its comfort features as its all-terrain drive capabilities. Make sure that all the leather covers are without any tear marks and the climate controller is working perfectly. This car is good for both drivings as well as for riding as a passenger. The seats are extremely comfortable and can be electrically controlled for change in height as well as for inclination. The seats also come with lumbar support and individual headrests.
Additionally, to provide more comfort, Land Rover has provided some amazing features in this car. These include a sophisticated music system with DVD and CD player. It also has an air purifier, reading lights, ashtrays, cup and bottle holders along with an infotainment system with integrated GPS system to make your journey comfortable. Besides the comfort, this car is also known for its powerful engine. The Land Rover Freelander 2 is blessed with a 2.2 litres TD4 diesel engine that has a displacement capacity of 2179 cc. This power mill is capable of producing a huge power of 147.51 bhp and a torque of 420 Nm. This torque is transmitted to the four wheels of this car through a sophisticated 6-speed automatic transmission system.
Fitted with the best safety features that include front and back sensors, airbags, brake assist, ABS and others, this car can safely attain a maximum speed of 181 Kmph. So, come and look at this fantastic car and take it home with you for a complete riding experience.


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