Ghibli-Beyond Compare

The Maserati Ghibli was made to stand out. It is created for the drivers of the modern world. The handling and comfort is just tremendous. It is a perfect combination of style and power. You can admire the work of the engineers and their craftsmen. You can only praise this car with just a one look on its beautiful body.

Maserati is well renowned for its class and sportiness. No matter how good it maybe, it is better to buy a used Ghibli than buying a brand new one. It has been observed that even at a cheaper rate(by Maserati), this vehicle does not lives up to its price! This does not mean that you should let go of this vehicle. It is truly a work of at no matter what.

The specifications are truly impressive. The extensive body design was made to capture your eyes. Ghibli really has a classic appeal with striking LED headlights, twin exhaust tailpipes, and a wide variety of engaging wheels. The sleeky and sporty contour is just one to admire. Underneath the big bonnet there is a very powerful engine. You can choose between the twin turbo V6 petrol or a 3 litre V6 Turbo diesel engines. They are guaranteed to be fuel efficient and to provide maximum torque. Ghibli offers and outstanding performance under these two engines. This vehicle is very agile and follows the command of the drivers. This sophisticated car has a contemporary design. Its superior craftsmanship guarantee pure luxury and comfort. Maserati defined the interior with soft leather upholstery which have truly ravishing colours. Maserati knows that safety is no joke. Therefore it has introduces a variety of features to keep the occupants safe. Maserati Stability Programme allows the driver to be cautious and free of any accidents. Forward Collision Warning is linked with Advanced Brake Assist system which helps you to prevent a collision from rear or front. The adaptive Cruise Control constantly tells you about the distance between your car and the car in front of you. It thus tells you when to apply brakes so as to prevent any harm. The Lane Departure Warning system makes use of the cameras on the rear views to alert the driver about drifting of the car from one lane to another. Maserati has definitely stepped up its game which is a bad news for its competitors.

Maserati assist you to get used certified cars from the company. You can contact a Maserati outlet if you want a good condition used Ghibli.

With all the high tech and super strong looks, every car enthusiasts wants to get his hand on this car at least once. This car has a massive road presence. You can cruise down in style anywhere on the globe with this head turner in your hands.


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