Cayenne-Enthusiast Driven

The new Cayenne SE Hybrid is a sporty SUV. It is comfortable 5 sitter which delivers a powerful performance. Given the name of Porsche, it should be powerful enough. Although, it is sad that the Porsche scrapped away the diesel model of their SUVs. An infotainment system has been introduced to the 2017 model. Although few people debate whether Cayenne is an SUV or not. Well, the truth is that it highly depends upon the model.  

Porsche is famous for the extremely sporty and powerful cars they manufacture. You can not buy one without burning a whole in your wallet, so what should a family man do? You can totally buy a used Cayenne to get a perfect Porsche experience.

The eco friendly hybrid is a good choice for the drivers who like a balance between performance and efficiency. Expressing a horsepower of 416 with 22mpg. The base V6 engine delivers 295 pound-feet of torque and can reach 60 mph in 7.3 seconds. Being a sporty car, it is pretty smooth and easy to drive and can reach upto 243kmph on a straight road. It can run properly on twisty roads as well. Cayenne is impressive on and off the road. This SUV has the brutal power to drive on rocky terrain, snowy or muddy terrain thanks to the advanced 4WD system and adjustable suspension. Car enthusiasts know about the classic styling of Porsche. They know well about the signature Porsche look. Porsche can never shake off the sporty look and wide stance which makes it look like the modern day racing car. Porsche Cayenne is truly comfortable. The SUV can provide you a relaxing experiencing to your family thanks to the recliner seats and super spacious room. With xenon headlights, a 10-speaker sound system, and navigation, this car was made to impress. It even does a pretty well job at it. Porsche never fails to amaze the drivers. The vehicle comes along with some standard safety features like blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and autonomous braking.

Porsche helps the autonomous crowd to buy used and certified vehicles from he company. So, if you are buying a certified used Cayenne, then there can not be any other better place. Porsche also provides some extra benefits if you buy a second hand car from the parent company. The safety and condition would be similar to that of the one of a brand new Porsche. Thus, it is advised to buy it from the company rather than buying it from an unreliable source.

Porsche Cayenne delivers a great deal of luxury. With its unbelievable power, it can be driven anywhere. If you are looking for a family SUV which will also satisfy your dream to drive a sports car, then this is your go to car!


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