In continuation to the description of its exterior, the rear look gets accentuated by a refined tail lamp cluster and a thick chrome slat that runs across the boot. It can be said that the embellishments and refinements applied to the exterior have turned out to be head turners and a sure shot smirk aimed at its arch rival – the Merc S-Class.

Interior: A look inside the cabin convinces one of the extended legroom, which is better than its predecessor (140mm to be exact). The classy touch given to the cabin is enhanced by the liberal use of premium leather and wood. Talking about luxury travel, the rear passengers can avail of the massage, heating and cooling functions that come integrated with the well cushioned ‘reclinable’ seats. The front passengers should not feel left out for the ergonomically designed seats, which can be electrically adjusted, are provided with memory as well as heating functions. Moreover, being a chauffeur driven car, BMW 7 series comes with a rear touchscreen based console wherein passengers can get access to various comfort functions of the car like its 4 zone climate control system, thus skirting the driver.

As if the distinct feel of luxury is not enough, the latest model comes endowed with panoramic sunroofs (front and rear), euphemistically called ‘Sky Lounge’ by the makers. The sunroofs have been incorporated with a number of LED lit graphics, which can majestically change the ambience inside at the mere touch of a button – sadly not part of the used BMW 7 series in Delhi or for that matter in any other Indian city. Moreover, maneuvering the beauty in a tight spot at any parking plaza should not be a chore anymore as the 3D surround camera would offer a clear 360 degrees view all around. However, the best part of the ‘package’ is about parking the car by using a touchscreen based remote control key. Yes, one can move the car back and forth without being at the wheel – again, not part of the used BMW 7 series in Delhi or elsewhere.

The well contoured dashboard has a 10.25 inches touchscreen infotainment console sporting gesture control feature – supposedly the first of its kind. Driving has never been easy thanks to the presence of a slew of functions such as the lane control assistant, traffic crossing warning, paddle shifters, and various driving modes. The entertainment quotient is catered to by the presence of 16 speakers that come integrated with a Bowers and Wilkins music system. As many of these features form part of the outgoing model, those eyeing pre-owned BMW cars should look out for the best dealers for buying used BMW 7 series in Delhi or in other metros.


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