This top selling sports car though built to hit the tarmac with the ferocity of an aeroplane, is well endowed with safety features. The features act to counterbalance the raw power of its V8 engine. When the car is travelling at high speeds in the range of 150 – 200 Kmph, a slight but sudden change in the direction of the car can make it fly off the tangent. However, the same is prevented by a feature called LSD or Limited Slip Differential, which ensures the car stays on course. The two drive modes namely, track and snow & wet helps the car maintain appropriate traction, be it on the race track or on a slippery snow laden surface.

A majority of these features also find mention in pre owned Mustang cars such as in a second hand Ford Mustang in Delhi or in other cities. The ride over bumps or crater riddled roads can be a relatively enjoyable affair thanks to the presence of rear suspensions – a first in this sixth generation American pony car. However, to expect utmost comfort while travelling over difficult stretches can be a bit over the top as this car is made for speed and power, unlike its sleek German counterparts’ aim to provide comfort. Let’s discuss the other safety features that can also be found in a second hand Ford Mustang in Delhi or in other places:

At speeds that a Ford Mustang is supposed to travel if sudden brakes are applied it can lead to the car keel over or skid. The Anti Lock Braking System helps by preventing the wheels from getting locked thus uphold traction and reduce skidding.

Stability Control: At higher speeds the car can often totter and lose control if the handling limits are crossed. The stability control feature can sense this followed by automatically reducing the engine power besides selectively applying brakes. 

Airbags: There are airbags galore, be it at the front, sides, overhead or near the knee, which can prevent riders from suffering fatalities should the car meets with a collision or topples over.

Seatbelts with pretensioners: In the event of a collision the pretensioners tighten up automatically and restrict the riders in their seats. This prevents riders from accidentally banging against the dashboard or other parts of the car thus saving them.

Security Key: This feature has been designed to thwart the machinations of car thieves. When an intruder gains entry into the cabin with the intention of stealing the car, the built in ignition disable device will stop the car from starting if the original key is not used. 


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