Wings of Desire – Revitalize Your Energy with Mercedes-Benz E-Class (Part - 1)

Cars are not only a great mode of personal transport but also play an important role in improving your status in the society. When we are talking about status, we are naturally talking about premium cars. And if we are talking about premium cars, then it is all but natural that we should mention Mercedes. The name of this brand is synonymous with quality and class. Mercedes has numerous models in its portfolio that have the best of styling as well as specifications. If you want to buy a premium sedan, then you should look over the E-Class model of this company.

In the pre-owned car market, a used Mercedes E-Class in Delhi is one of the most popular cars that users try to buy in the national capital region. The reason for the popularity of this elegant looking sedan is many which can be found both in its design as well as those that are hidden under the hood. The first thing that you will notice about this gorgeous sedan is its styling. The free-flowing looks of this beautifully crafted car are further emphasized by the curvy edges that improve upon its aerodynamic quality several notches.

This is a big car with an overall length of 5063mm, breadth of 1860mm and has a height of 1494mm. If you are looking for a used Mercedes E-Class in Delhi for traveling to smaller suburbs, then we must warn you that its big turning radius of 11 meters will make it totally unsuitable for the narrow lanes. For city roads, it’s the best option as far as the comfort and performance are concerned.

Describing its looks the first thing that will grab your attention is its big chrome tinted engine grill that has the logo of the brand embossed in the middle. Giving company to these big chrome grilles are beautifully crafted headlamp cluster that houses powerful LED lamps and DRLs. Other important features that make this incredible looking sedan such a head turner is the long and beautifully crafted engine hood, a sloping rear windshield, superb side profile with character lines running at the shoulder and skirt level and body colour door handles. Additional highlights that make it one of the most beautifully designed cars in the market includes the smooth looking wheel arches that covers superbly designed alloy wheels which are further mounted by tubeless radial tyres. The rear look of this car is no less stunning, with the cute looking boot and the beautifully designed tail lamp cluster in which the LED bulbs are placed horizontally to give them a slat-like a look.

This breathtaking beauty comes with such a grace that it’s not hard to believe that it is one of the most popular premium sedan cars on the road.


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