Why it makes sense to buy used premium cars

Who does not want to ride in a premium car and enjoy sitting in a cocoon of luxury as the hustle and bustle of the outside world pass by?  However, there is one big problem to realise this amazing dream, which is the price of such cars. If you want to buy a mid-range car, then its price tag may be in the range of 50 to 60 lakhs, whereas, if you are aiming for the super-premium car, then you have to shell out a couple of crores. Now, this is beyond the reach of even the higher middle class. However, if they so desire, then they can go for a pre-owned super luxury car for a deep discount.

If you take advantage of this option, then you can drive a used Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW or any other premium brand to your place of work. The reason that people love to ride on such super luxury car like a Jaguar because of the number of reasons.

1). Improves social status: When you ride an expensive car like a Jaguar, your friends and colleagues will appreciate that you have tasted success in your life and now have the moolah to enjoy your life. And as improved social status is directly related to the respect you get in the society, people love to get these beautiful rides.

2). Extraordinary comfort features: Besides improving the social status of an individual, a premium car like a used Jaguar, allows you to soak in a level of luxury that mid-range cars cannot compete with. The seats of these cars are mostly electrically controlled which allows you to change the angle of the seats so that you get to enjoy the best position which is so important on a long ride. Additionally, all upper-end cars provide the riders with ventilated seats with heating cooling and massaging options. Furthermore, these cars also come with top of the line music system, climate controller, ashtrays, reading lights, cooled glove compartments and many more.

3). Cutting-edge safety features: When you drive a premium car like a used Jaguar, you know that it is one of the safest cars in the market thanks to a plethora of sophisticated safety features. Starting with powerful ventilated brakes with brake callipers, ABS and EBF systems. This car also features crash and parking sensors and numerous airbags to keep all the riders perfectly safe in case of an accident.

4). Low insurance premium: Another reason why people buy used premium cars is that they attract very low premium compared to a brand-new car. Besides, the depreciation of a used car is also much less than what you have to calculate for a brand-new car.


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