Superbly maintained cars at attractive prices

It is the dream of any modern-day middle-class family to own a premium quality car for their daily convenience. However, the major issue that prevents this dream from becoming a reality is the lack of finances that a premium car commands. However, you can solve this issue by buying a second-hand car that is very well maintained and has all its features working perfectly. If you have set your mind on buying a second-hand car the next question that you have to answer is what type of car you want to buy? Is it a hatchback, a sedan or an SUV? While all of these models have their advantages, if you live in a city and looking for a small car for a personal ride, then our suggestion is go for a hatchback.
A small hatchback like a used Mini Cooper not only improve your style quotient tremendously but also adds a great deal of comfort in your daily commute. This all British car is well known among the auto enthusiast all over the world for its tremendous power, looks and engine efficiency. One of the USPs of this car is its unique looks. To create this, the designers have used a combination of old fashion design (round headlamps), a lot of chrome and a superb colour combination.
One of the surprise factors that makes the used Mini Cooper such a hit among the buyer is that despite its smaller looks, it provides the riders with a spacious cabin.  The plush design of this car furnished in mono colour is very inviting. This hatchback allows you to carry four adults with ease and even manage the fifth one with a little squeeze. Travelling in this cute looking car is very comfortable as all the riders have adequate leg and headroom. This is necessary on a long drive otherwise the riders will feel very uncomfortable.
The furnishing of the used Mini Cooper is top class. All the seats are covered with premium quality leather and even the dashboard has the same colour covering that improves its upmarket looks even further. In addition, it has a large infotainment system, a powerful air conditioner and a sophisticated music system.
To drive this beauty effortlessly, the engineers have equipped the Mini Cooper with a powerful yet efficient 200-litre motor. This powerplant has the capacity to provide a maximum power of 112 Bhp that results in a hammering torque of 270 Nm. To take this torque to the front wheels, it has a fairly sophisticated 6-speed automatic gearbox. This system allows this hatchback to zip from 0 to 100 Kmph in just 11.3 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 181 Kmph.  


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