As the ten trims come studded with diesel and petrol engine options, their performance depends on the engine characteristics as mentioned below:

Petrol engine: Both the latest editions called M760Li xDrive and M760Li xDrive V12 Excellence have been endowed with a 6.6-litre twin turbo V12 petrol powerplant. This all powerful engine churns out humongous power and torque values of 601bhp and 800Nm, thus providing adequate thrust to all the wheels courtesy an 8-speed steptronic automatic transmission gearbox system. In fact, the transmission can be easily controlled through paddle shifters present on the steering wheel itself. Notably, the engine can provide acceleration to the car from zero to 100Kmph in mere 3.7 seconds flat.

The rest of the petrol based trims run on a less powerful 4.4-litre twin turbo V8 powerplant. The same can churn out power and torque values to the tune of 450bhp between 5500-6000rpm and 650Nm between 1800-4500rpm, respectively. Offering a mileage of 12.05Kmpl, the trims can reach a speed of 100Kmph from zero in 4.2 seconds, thanks to its 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox system that offers torque to all the four wheels.

Diesel engine: The diesel run trims derive their power and torque from a 3.0-litre twin turbo 6-cylinder diesel powerplant. The resultant power and torque values generated by the powerplant come to 265bhp @4000rpm and 620Nm between 1500-2500rpm, respectively. Also, being mated to an 8 speed steptronic automatic transmission gearbox system, the trims can accelerate from zero to 100Kmph in 6.2 seconds. In fact, the top speed has been electronically capped at 250Kmph.

Barring the new petrol based releases, those who buy used BMW 7 series in Delhi or elsewhere can get similar power, torque, mileage and speed figures. Hence, looking out for the best dealers for buying used BMW 7 series in Delhi would be a wise decision for people aiming at preowned BMW cars.

Ride quality: Travelling in BMW 7 series is all comfort thanks to the presence of an adaptive 2-axle air suspension system. The comfort quotient gets further accentuated due to the presence of a dynamic damper control unit. Thus, travelling over gravel, ditches or broken road surface gets cushioned by the presence of above mentioned mechanisms. Moreover, various driving modes can induce differing riding experience depending on the terrain. For example, choosing a particular driving mode for highway travel can induce a different ride quality than say, choosing one for city travel.

Safety: Be it a new or an used BMW 7 series in Delhi, the safety shield is reinforced due to the presence of features like ABS, cornering brake control, BA, ESP, eight airbags, attentiveness assistant, crash sensor, tyre pressure monitoring system, and an electronic vehicle immobilizer, among a host of many others.


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