The appearance

From the looks of it, Ford Mustang GT presents a picture of muscular dominance in the form of a large grille surrounded by angry looking vertical LED slats on both sides. The boot captures the raw mood of the car by showing tri bar taillights sitting atop a wide bumper and dual exhausts. The aerodynamically inclined roof is conspicuously short and meets the vast expanse of the hood at the front. The pony car can roll over most speed breakers or pot holes without scratching its undercarriage, thanks to its 137 mm of ground clearance.

The car comes to the party in six vibrant colours such as Absolute Black, Magnetic, Race Red, Oxford White, Ingot Silver, and Triple Yellow Tricoat. The brand new model notwithstanding the iconic pony car is touted to be among the top draws in the pre owned car market where a second hand Ford Mustang in Delhi invites curious glances and queries about its price range as well.

The cabin

The stylish cabin though not feature rich like its German counterparts, has elaborate black leatherette work on its dashboard and steering wheel – all combined with contrast stitching. The spread of plastics on the dashboard is a bit of a downer for it seems to bring down the car’s style quotient a wee bit. A touch of modernity is exemplified by the presence of a big 20cm Blue Oval’s My Ford touchscreen system (optional) and show features such as cruise control and blind spot warning.

Below the console there are toggle switches galore to get the beast run on different driving modes such as normal, sports, track and snow & wet. For example, switching from the normal to sports mode would mean greater acceleration and RPMs, wherein the buzz of the engine would appear like a muted sonic boom. The multifunctional steering wheel helps the driver to control things like the audio system, Bluetooth, and cruise control. The rear seats in the cabin might appear to be a bit claustrophobic given their being squeezed into a small space, but along with the front ones, can be subjected to level 3 heating or cooling. However, those settling for a second hand Ford Mustang in Delhi or at other places can enjoy the track burner’s ride but shall miss a few of its features as explained above.

The drivetrain

The mean machine comes to India riding on a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre 4951cc V8 petrol engine, the power of which can propel the car to hit 100Kmph in mere 4.4 seconds flat. The engine can notch up maximum power and torque values of 401bhp and 515Nm, which when synched with a six speed automatic transmission gearbox system, can move the wheels with greater RPMs and roar.


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