When it comes to the combination of muscular power and sleekness of a sports car, no one can rival the iconic Ford Mustang. Rolled out since 1965 and named after the dogged Second World War fighter aircraft, the Ford Mustang brand has embodied American power and innovation like the Mercedes Benz or Toyota has done for their respective countries. Last year (2016), the car had recorded excellent sales volume in countries like China, Germany and India, not to speak of being the best seller in US – according to IHS Markit’s new vehicle registration data. In fact, notwithstanding its increased sales record in big countries, the smaller countries too such as Gibralter, Bonair and New Caledonia have added healthy numbers to its final kitty.

Currently available in 140 countries, Ford Mustang’s impressive growth in the world’s largest automobile market, China, has catapulted it to be the top selling sports car brand in the world by sheer volume. In fact, the year 2016 has seen a record 1,50,000 Mustang cars being sold worldwide with 45,000 sold outside the US. The year 2017 will see the brand expand its market in new territories like Brazil, The Ivory Coast, Palau Islands and a few more. Until 2015, the car’s left hand drive mechanism had confined its appeal to a few countries only even though it was an object of envy for many people around the world.

Sensing its aspirational value among connoisseurs in countries where right hand drive is the norm, Ford Mustang introduced its sixth generation right hand drive mechanism beyond the shores of a few left hand drive countries. This included India where, not only the newly launched model but even its sidekick in form of a second hand Ford Mustang in Delhi and elsewhere has aroused considerable interest. The record worldwide sales volume is testament to company’s vision and customers’ trust in the iconic brand.

India too did not remain untouched by the global demand for this brand as cities like Mumbai and Delhi notched up impressive sales figures. The iconic brand value of the car has made celebrities like actor Dhanush and cricketer Karun Nair make it a part of their lives. Interestingly, second hand Ford Mustang in Delhi and elsewhere has seen many takers as well especially among those who have a fetish for used cars. Introduced to the Indians in the summer of 2016 at the Budh international racing circuit in NOIDA, near Delhi, it is the Grand Tourer or GT that has turned the heads of aspirational India. This is mainly to do with its powerful 5.0-litre aspirated V8 engine made available at a price range that falls comfortably below the 1 Crore mark – Rs. 66.3 lakhs to be exact (Ex Showroom, Delhi).


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