Wings of Desire – Revitalize Your Energy with Mercedes-Benz E-Class (Part - 3)

When you are planning to put in a huge amount of money on a car, make sure that it has all the goodies that will allow you to enjoy it for a long period of time. Not only it should have all the top-notch comfort and safety features but should also have a powerful engine to take care of any challenging track that comes its way.
If you have ever used Mercedes E-Class in Delhi or any other city, you will realize that this is one premium car that ticks all the right boxes. If you are looking for safety issues, then this lovely sedan has several features to ensure that your travel in it is safe and secure. Amongst these few notables safety features present in this sedan few are worth mentioning like airbags including side airbags for all the riders, seat belts, crash sensors, powerful disc brakes with ABS and EBF system to avoid skidding and superb headlamps. Additionally, it also has a good suspension system, side and front impact beam, crumple zones in the body to avoid any shock, central and child locking.

If you want to buy a used Mercedes E-Class in Delhi, you can get it with either a diesel engine or a petrol engine. The petrol model is blessed with a 3.0-litre motor that has a displacement of 2996cc. It is mated to a sophisticated 7-speed gearbox. The engine has a capacity to produce a maximum power of 333bhp at the rate of 5250-6000rpm. This power results in a crushing torque of 480Nm at the rate of 1600-4000rpm. This huge torque allows this variant to achieve a maximum speed of 250Kmph and accelerate from 0-100Kmph in just 5.3 seconds.

The diesel trim, on the other hand, is powered by a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine. This powerful motor has the capacity to produce a maximum power of 258bhp at the rate of 3400rpm resulting in a hammering torque of 620Nm at the rate of 1600-2400rpm. This huge amount of torque is transferred to the rear wheels by a 9-speed gearbox allowing this big car to achieve a maximum speed of 250Kmph. This car can accelerate from 0-100Kmph in just 6.6 seconds. Among the diesel and petrol variants, the diesel trim gives a mileage of 14Kmph whereas the petrol trim can only give a mileage of 8Kmph.

If you are planning to buy a second-hand Mercedes E-Class, then make sure that all the components are in good working condition and there are no damages. Also, check the paper work of the vehicle minutely to see if it is in any way embroiled in any legal dispute.


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